For those who are interested in learning to surf, the road to actually surfing waves may be a grueling one. Starting to surf can have many effects on a person; it will either induce you to continue surfing, discourage you from returning to the ocean, or make you never want to surf again. But before being turned off to surfing due to sore arms, a stiff neck or an aching back, or even due to the intimidating pounding surf its good to know some of the benefits of this wonderful water sport.

1. Relaxation and meditation

There is something that happen while you are out floating in the middle of the ocean, it’s like a wilderness, the elements are at your feet encompassing your being, and you are at the mercy of mother nature. While floating on the endless ocean thoughts of one’s existence come into play. What makes surfing so relaxing is the floating and swaying on the ocean, the sound of the rolling surf, the salty breezes whispering and touching your skin, and then at some moments either early in morning or even at the late in the afternoon, dawn and sunset paints the sky. These are truly relaxing moments when it seems like all the worries and nuances of the day just sink to the bottom of the ocean.

2. Exercise

Surfing is the ultimate combination of play and exercise that you will ever find. The consistent paddling works to increase the rate of your heart rate with each swift raising the heart rate. When getting on a wave, you’ll do a quick paddle then as if doing a push-up you are on your feet. Surfing also takes balance, making the muscles work to keep you on top the board. After a good surf session most likely there will be a burn in your upper and lower back, shoulders, and triceps. Have you ever seen surfers backs? Enough said.

3. Making friends

Surfing is a great of meeting new people. Whether in the water or out, it’s likely that friends can be made. Many a times you will find the same people surfing the same spot every day, this is actually a good opportunity of getting to know them and get some surf tips on the side. It’s nice to paddle out to familiar faces and feel like you have a family outside of home.

4. Tanning

If you have a milky white complexion or are just looking to get tanned, surfing is more effective than laying out on the beach, and you can get toned at the same time. The reason for this is that the ocean acts like a mirror for the sun. So on the bright days you can soak up the rays from all directions, leaving you with an even and natural looking tan.

5. Natural high

Despite what people say there are many other ways to get high without herbal assistance. And obviously that way is surfing and catching waves. It is the ultimate high, also known as ‘stoke’. All surfers know this feeling and is what brings surfers back to the ocean over and over again.

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