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Saltwater Fishing
While most of the times when we think about fishing we picture a lake or a pond, we can also have a blast doing this activity at the ocean. Saltwater fishing differs somewhat from freshwater fishing though. Charters are a popular business that provide fishermen with various services including boats and guides in order to fish at the sea. People can also choose to fish at the edge of a boardwalk if they want to save money.
When fishing at the ocean you can expect to find the following species:
– Cod- Sailfish- Jewfish- Flounder- Calibut- Bluefish- Bonefish- Sea Trout- Sharks- Tuna- Snook- Tarpon- Stripped bass- Etc.
Usually, in-shore fishing refers to fishing at bays. Nearshore is when you fish within 9 miles of the shore, Offshore is between 50 and 10 miles of the shore, and finally, deep sea is over 50 miles of the shore. Needless to say, the variety of fish will change depending on the distance from the shore.
Essential Tips When Fishing at the Ocean
Here are very useful tips when planning a fishing adventure at the ocean:
1. Talk to Local People
The best person to talk to in this case is the fishing store’s employee. He knows the ins and outs of the fishing practice, plus what’s going on in general at the area. He will help you pick the best bait to use depending on the season. If you are able to, you can join the angler’s club at the locality. It is a good place to learn secret tips as well as have a fun time with other people that share your same hobby.
2. Make Sure You Use the Proper Fishing Knot
It is rather frustrating to catch a big fish and then see how it swims away just because the right knot wasn’t used. Who knows maybe you could be the next world record holder so it is better to prepare beforehand to make sure the fish you catch is gripped tightly. You need a knot that will retain all of its strength when tied. The bimini twist knot is one of them. Just make sure you make at least 30 turns in order to achieve the desired results – not 12 like some people suggest.
3. Find the Right Spot
You want to be in a place where fish are abundant. You can find maps and guides in the angler’s store that will help you locate those spots and most importantly position yourself near them to increase your chances of getting a large number of fish.
4. Preserve the Environment
Barb hooks can injure fish. Also, don’t throw garbage or other materials to the ocean. A hooked wire works best in order to protect the animal’s safety. Catching and releasing is a way of preserving the environment while having fun along the way. Don’t keep the fish out of the water for more than 5-10 seconds if you are catching and releasing. Also, don’t take off the slime from the fish as these keeps them protected from external agents such as bacteria. Also be sure you have some basic home medical supplies with you, such as bandages, ointment, antiseptic spray or towelettes, in case you get a fish hook or a barb in your hand.
5. If Using Live Bait, Keep it In Good Shape
A live bait should be kept away from sunlight exposure and in the case of aquatic live baits they must be oxygenating using water bait aerators. You can also choose to change the water every 2 hours if you don’t have an aerator. Also cool water is preferable given its capacity to hold more oxygen than warm or hot water.

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Scuba Diving

The oceans are an incredible feature of our planet. These massive bodies of water make up more than 70% of the entire Earth’s surface and house a vast biosphere. The same place saw the birth of life and now continues to serve as a source of amazement and inspiration. But, at the same time, the ocean represents a place where people of practically all ages can have a wonderful time with its many possible activities. Here, out of all the options, scuba diving is probably one of the most interesting ways how anyone can experience the waters of any ocean or sea.

Basically, scuba diving represents a process of spending time underwater using a set of equipment, mainly breathing apparatus and an independent supply of air that allows a person to regularly breathe in the water. But, with this equipment, an entirely new domain of fun and excitement can be discovered. Here are the advantages of becoming involved in this excellent aquatic activity.

A Completely New Surrounding

Many people who first try out scuba diving are totally smitten by the environment that they encounter. Thanks to the equipment, the person can stay underwater for a long time, often measuring in periods that can go up to an hour or even more. In the same time period, they can reach depths that are impressive and experience a different world that is competently new and incredible. Here, aside from the aquatic life and topography of the ocean floor, many more things can be found, including coral reefs, wreckages and much more. Additionally, the feeling of floating in the water totally free is something which many see as stunning. Because of this, there is no other activity that can be described to be similar to scuba diving.

Great Physical Exercise

Scuba diving, like almost any water activity, is a source of great physical exercise. In the water, every motion becomes more demanding and thus takes up more energy, while it burns more calories. Aside from muscle activity, diving is very useful for the development of lung capacity, because it provides the same organ with an exercise like no other. Finally, thanks to the gentle nature of an all-water environment, even people who have issues with pain in their joints and muscles can partake in this activity because it strains the body in a very even manner, providing a soothing process of a pain-free activity.

High Level of Safety

Scuba diving is not just a leisurely activity. In fact, all over the world, many branches of industry use it, including mineral excavation, underwater construction, and salvage operation. Additionally, all of the world’s navies use scuba diving as a part of their forces. This means that the equipment and tools used for the process of scuba diving are constantly evolving and becoming more and more advanced. This is further underlined by many schools and licensed instructors that are there to make sure that everyone who is interested in scuba diving stays safe. Thanks to these facts, it remains one of the safest sea-related activity that a person can experience in any part of the world where licensed diving instructors are located.

Because of all of this, there is no doubt that scuba diving is definitely one of the best activities for those who are interested in the ocean and what it can offer.

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The ocean is usually an ideal place to pass time as you relax and admire the majestic waves. The cool breeze and sandy beaches present a serene atmosphere that calms the mind and creates a sense of being one with nature. Boating is one way of taking advantage of the ocean waters and having great adventures with friends. It involves traveling by boat for leisure as well as other sporting activities such as fishing or boat-racing. It’s a very popular activity worldwide that a lot of people engage in. There are different types of boats like sailboats, powerboats and the man-powered vessels that require rowing or paddling.

Boating activities are diverse just as the boats themselves and the people who participate in the activities. Paddle sports should be done in calm ocean waters because the boats are usually open and can be difficult to paddle in turbulent waters. This type of sporting activity basically measures the ability of individuals to row the boats because that is what determines the speed at which they move. Still, tact is required to win the race just like in any other sports. Such games are a lot more fun when done in groups or teams.

Sailing is another great activity to take part in. It can be done as a sporting activity or purely for leisure with friends and family. Imagine having a party deep in the ocean as you watch the waves and the beautiful marine life. It is the perfect feeling for anyone who enjoys a little adventure and appreciates the little pleasures that life has to offer. There is no better place to watch the sun set than at the ocean. The view is majestic and unreal and it’s even better when you do it with a loved one. The picturesque scenery makes for a beautiful ending to a fun outing.

Fishing is another ideal way to enjoy the ocean waters while gaining new experiences. Imagine the feeling when you catch a trout or salmon for the first time. Fishing boats are the best for this because they appropriately designed for fishing. It’s also a great way to bond with friends and family members.

Ski boats are made for the ultimate fun person. Water skiing is the best way to experience the thrill of speed and adrenaline as you have the time of your life. It requires some practice since you’ll need to balance yourself on the ski boards and tilt your weight occasionally for navigation. It is not exactly extreme sports but it’s definitely not for everybody. The ski boats are also great for racing because of their ability to move at high speed. You can go head to head with your friend and see who comes out on top.

The ocean is a very lovely place to spend time and have great adventures. Boating is one way of having a good time and building wonderful memories for a lifetime. It’s always advisable to try something new, especially for those who only go to the beach to walk on the white sands and enjoy glasses of cocktails.

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For those who are interested in learning to surf, the road to actually surfing waves may be a grueling one. Starting to surf can have many effects on a person; it will either induce you to continue surfing, discourage you from returning to the ocean, or make you never want to surf again. But before being turned off to surfing due to sore arms, a stiff neck or an aching back, or even due to the intimidating pounding surf its good to know some of the benefits of this wonderful water sport.

1. Relaxation and meditation

There is something that happen while you are out floating in the middle of the ocean, it’s like a wilderness, the elements are at your feet encompassing your being, and you are at the mercy of mother nature. While floating on the endless ocean thoughts of one’s existence come into play. What makes surfing so relaxing is the floating and swaying on the ocean, the sound of the rolling surf, the salty breezes whispering and touching your skin, and then at some moments either early in morning or even at the late in the afternoon, dawn and sunset paints the sky. These are truly relaxing moments when it seems like all the worries and nuances of the day just sink to the bottom of the ocean.

2. Exercise

Surfing is the ultimate combination of play and exercise that you will ever find. The consistent paddling works to increase the rate of your heart rate with each swift raising the heart rate. When getting on a wave, you’ll do a quick paddle then as if doing a push-up you are on your feet. Surfing also takes balance, making the muscles work to keep you on top the board. After a good surf session most likely there will be a burn in your upper and lower back, shoulders, and triceps. Have you ever seen surfers backs? Enough said.

3. Making friends

Surfing is a great of meeting new people. Whether in the water or out, it’s likely that friends can be made. Many a times you will find the same people surfing the same spot every day, this is actually a good opportunity of getting to know them and get some surf tips on the side. It’s nice to paddle out to familiar faces and feel like you have a family outside of home.

4. Tanning

If you have a milky white complexion or are just looking to get tanned, surfing is more effective than laying out on the beach, and you can get toned at the same time. The reason for this is that the ocean acts like a mirror for the sun. So on the bright days you can soak up the rays from all directions, leaving you with an even and natural looking tan.

5. Natural high

Despite what people say there are many other ways to get high without herbal assistance. And obviously that way is surfing and catching waves. It is the ultimate high, also known as ‘stoke’. All surfers know this feeling and is what brings surfers back to the ocean over and over again.

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Swimming and Snorkeling

When it comes to water activities, many people like to do to the extreme. This is the reason why sports such as surfing, diving and water skiing are very popular. But not all of us are adrenaline junkies. Some of us simply want to relax when they go to the beach. Nothing can be more relaxing than swimming and floating around in the sea. Or if you would like to take it a up a notch, you could also go snorkeling, which is also a very relaxing activity because it allows you to view the treasures of the ocean without having to go under it.

Cheap thrill

There is nothing wrong with simply wanting to go swimming or snorkeling. Don’t mind your friends who say that these two activities are boring. Yes, they may not give you the coolest pictures to post on your Instagram account but they allow you to enjoy the water and the lifeforms in it. Not to mention that these two activities are two of the cheapest that you can do. If you don’t have a mask and a snorkel, you can always borrow. And as far as swimming is concerned, all you need is a nice swimsuit. And you can swim and snorkel on almost any beach. But of course, not all snorkeling sites are created equal. If you really want to see the nicer underwater views, you would have to get away from the shore a bit farther.

Diving vs. Snorkeling

Apart from the obvious that snorkeling is much cheaper than scuba diving, there are actually more advantages to this water activity. Before you can actually go scuba diving, you will need to undergo training and certification. If you want to go snorkeling all you need to is to grab a snorkel and mask as mentioned above. Knowing how to swim is not even a prerequisite. You can go snorkeling almost anytime you want. You don’t need to go on an expensive dive trip. You also don’t need to lug around all those heavy equipment that is needed for scuba diving. And if you are just after a good view of what life is under the water, then snorkeling will suffice. Snorkeling allows you to explore shallow reefs and other accessible water locations.

Enjoy the water more

With snorkeling, you get to enjoy the water more. It’s like getting the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy being above the water, feeling the heat of the sun on your skin and the cool water on your body. Plus, you get to feast your eyes on what the ocean has to offer in terms of marine life. You can go snorkeling on almost all of the major beach destinations in the world, whether it’s in a gorgeous beach somewhere in Thailand or the Philippines or in an exotic destination somewhere in the Mediterranean. You will surely have a grand time viewing the different kinds of fish, corals, sea anemones and many other sea creatures.

Snorkeling is indeed a fun way to enjoy the sea and also a good way to get some exercise while you are on vacation.

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